How to apply

Please remember:

  • Applications are online only.
  • Complete the web-form, supply all of the requested supporting material, accept the posted terms and conditions and hit send. 
    (NB: We are searching for applicants from around the world, but applications must be completed in English)
  • We recommend that you to read the form in full and gather all the information, documents and links that you'll need to supply, so you can complete the form and send it when you are ready.

Applications are now CLOSED.


  • Video production: including camera work, audio gathering; editing (Adobe Premiere Pro), archiving.
  • Photography: shooting, editing, archiving.
  • Writing: the ability to write creatively and informatively in English (additional languages an absolute bonus). 
  • Drones: experience in piloting of drones.


  • Curriculum Vitae (in English): written, as an attachment 
  • Supporting material as attachments: e.g. photo examples, articles, blogs.
  • Links: to videos on vimeo/YouTube.
  • Written introduction (in English): introduce yourself and your motivation to apply in 250-500 words, describing why you would make a great Onboard Reporter for the Volvo Ocean Race (as an attachment) 

PRODUCTION TASK - all submissions in English

  • Film and edit a two-minute video on the theme “Me - by [insert name]”. 
  • The approach and content of this video is entirely of your choosing. This is an opportunity to demonstrate your creative flair, storytelling, interviewing and production skills. We want to meet you in this film, get a feel for what makes you tick, dream, achieve. You may choose to include your body of work, other characters, including family members, friends, neighbours, colleagues. It’s up to you.
  • Produce five photos taken during the above task, on the same theme, that provide evidence of your ability to generate high-quality pictures that tell their own story.
  • Write a 250 – 500 word story, in a style of your own choosing, on the same theme, or reporting on the production of the video and photo assets.
  • Upload your material via the online application form.